BB's Restoration And Progression

The blog for the restoration and progression of BB, The Automatic Ice Blue Triumph 2000 MKII.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Stoneleigh Preparations......

Well, as its now only about a month off, I figured I should better starting preparing for the Stoneleigh event and make an effort at the pride of ownership award.

So when I get paid (Thanks to my little new years eve earner at £15 per hour) I will hopefully be able to grab some Air filters, and an alloy rocker for cheapish either before or at the event.

Aswell as this, the car needs some major cleaning to get all of the winter dirt from the paintwork, needs some major polishing on the bright work and then an overall T-cut and wax to get her to shine on the day. I will keep posting about anything that transpires between now and then.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Long time...

Hey there,

Well, it sure has been a very long time since I last posted, but in terms of stuff done on the car not all that much has been missed. The only real news over this long period of time is (In chronological order) ;

Windscreen Leak:
After running sealer all round the windscreen to no avail, I called in the professionals who have now finally fixed the leak completely.

Spin on oil filter conversion: Very simple task, remove the old, put the new one on, and it really was that easy.

Dashboard Upgrade: I decided to upgrade my original dash to one that has a rev counter counter and individual gauges on. This all worked well and went fine, last thing left to do is wire in the hazard switch (Before the next MOT) and make the "Fasten Belts" light on a timer circuit......

Accelerator Cable: In continuation of a previous post, the accelerator once again began to play up, and after investigation this was because it had no half snapped. We removed this one and fitted a new one, only to find that the old one was way to short and had the wrong fixings...

New Alternator: I had to change the alternator as the old 15ACR one was failing to deliver enough power to power the electronics at night. The new 18 ACR one does the job without a problem.

Now that the weather is once again starting to improve, work and stuff will once again become more common and so posts will be more frequent.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Under my tree.... :o)

Happy Christmas!

Just a quick post to say that under my tree I found a car cleaning set (Shampoo, chamois leathers, sponge ETC), a car interior set (A screen sponge, screen scraper, air fresheners ETC), six spark plugs, a new set of contacts and a BMIH certificate!!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Wet Feet Woes

Well, another un eventful and quiet week. During the week, I spent some more time finishing the paintwork, only a few spots left till it is finished externally.

The bad side..After finally deciding that the leak from my windscreen was coming from the Windscreen/Seal I popped down to the shops and grabbed up some sealant. After a 10 minute careful job all around the screen seal, and a few hours to dry I had seemingly fixed the problem.
That is until the next downpour where I once again end up with wet feet. It will now bear further investigation and additional sealing, perhaps at the Seal/Body area next time.

Aswell as this somewhat minor annoyance, the next problem I noticed was the fact that the "Kickdown" was not functioning. After investigation it was found that the accelerator cable was very badly adjusted and had a lot of play in it. So badly infact that the engine was only delivering 50% of its full power! What a waste of a big engine, although its all sorted now...
Although as an additional to that point, some by racer also got their views sorted when they realized they still couldn't match it for power and acceleration even at 50%!

Well, now its half term and a week long break from Sixth Form I can get round to doing some other jobs..

Sunday, October 15, 2006

A Busy But Quiet Fortnight

Well, haven't got a post in over the past few weeks as there was nothing really worth reporting in small sections so I figured I'd just drop it all down in one heap tonight.

Over the past few weeks, not much in the way of engine or technical stuff has gone wrong ((touch wood)) and so has given me some time to do a few other little bits.

After spying a fair sized spot of rust on the offside valance I investigated further.. After careful tapping with the handle of a screwdriver, the entirety of the problem soon became clear, a hole the size of a fist was the problem.
After a quick trip to the local car shop to get some metal mesh, I set to filling the whole with some P40 and finishing with some P38. Problem solved..

After all this was sorted I set out with my very small hand spray airbrush to cover up the previous weeks repairs. I quick swift spray on each spot left the car looking a lot neater.

Aswell as these, I noticied a side indicator repeater bulb was blown, so I changed that also. Put a new LED bulb into the interior light and we also fitted a little "Light On" sounder, that squeals if you open the drivers side door with the light still on, to save from forgetting about them and leaving them on.

All in all, a fairly productive period but nothing overly special done.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Works Commence...

Over the past week or so, little jobs have been done here and there.

Firsty, the carbs where rebalanced, which makes her run a lot smoother than before but still not perfect.. we then tuned up the concentrations, making the air to fuel ratio better. Again running even better but still not perfect.

Finally after a long run to MK and back the source of the lumpyness and cuttin out problem has become clear..Fuel starvation..After further investigation it becomes clear that a new fuel pump is needed as the current one is all old and not functioning correctly.
Now after fitting the new one she runs alot better, no more cuttin out and no more lumpy idling.

With the more important tasks out of the way, I set to tereating the rust with some treatment gel. Once that was all done restoring it back to metal, with the addition on some P38 and a little P40 I filled the wholes and then left it to all set and harden.
Next, with my handfull of sandpaper I rubbed at all the spots and a little of thier surroundings before finally applying a coat or two of Hammerite "Over Rust" paint.

And thats where this weeks summary ends. With a smooth running but patchwork car...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Journey Begins....

Well, here it all starts. I have now finally passed my driving test (Third Time Lucky) and now have come to posses a Ice Blue Triumph 2000 MkII Auto.
I have been interested in Triumphs since my father brought himself a BRG 2000 MKII Facelift about four years ago now. After helping him work on the car, I finally decided I wanted one myself, so I got one.

The current condition is fairly good cosmettically, with only a few holes and rust patches in places. The interior wooden panels have been removed for a sand and revarnish and the parcel shelves have been repaired and tidied up. Apart from that cosmetically she is all fine now.

Engine Wise, Unfortuantly at the moment, she is running like a cow... The carbs need rebalancing, the engine needs colour tuning, the choke cable sticks occasionally aswell as the fact that it wil most certainly need the spin on conversion doing as soon as possible.

So with all that in mind, it should keep me busy for a few weekends and evening over the next fortnight. Ah well, fun fun.